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The Minnow Hand Held Loom
5 Tapestry Bobbins Hand crafted  ash  walnut maple cherry  two finger-bone  
New Designs in Weaving Hazel Pearson Vintage Pattern Instruction Book 1977 NEW
Unwaxed LINEN RUG LACING thread 6-ply braiding weaving warp twine: black/natural
4 inch Beveled Inkle shuttle, tablet weaving with shuttle and needle
1 Natural Spool 8/4 Poly/Cotton Loom Weaving Rag Rug Carpet Warp Yarn String
5 Tapestry Bobbins Hand crafted  maple  
Heddle Bars For Tapestry Looms
Vintage LeeWards 18 Weaving sticks package was opened instructions included
118 Rare Books on Weaving & Textile Design ULTIMATE library Loom Jacquard Fabric
Boat Shuttle Necklace # 31,with Leather cord Pendant Weaving Wood Crafts Yarn
2 Pack 8 inch weaving stick shuttles with weaving needle.
Pepperell Loom & Hook
BeadSmith KUMIHIMO Foam Braiding Disk Plate Macrame Loom * Bobbins * Kumi Weight
Crafts Alex Loom Refill Loops Toys Loop N Pack 1 108 New 2 Arts Pot Holder Maker
From 70's but New 7 pcs Wooden Weaving Tools Set with 3 Shuttles,Swards & Needle
New Weaving Loom Reed- 6,8,10, 12 or 15 dpi- 36.00" length ( or less)
Harrisville Potholder PRO Loops Large Cotton Weaving Kit Refills Solid Color New
Vintage Colonial Hi-Lo Looper Loom Make Potholders Easier Faster Larger Crafts
4 Pack 12 inch weaving stick shuttles Beveled edge
Warp Thread Weights / Selvedge Weights (Set of 2) Weaving Loom Yarn
Handmade Hardwood Tapestry Hand Loom Kit by Hokett~Easily Learn Tapestry Weaving
5 Piece Weaving Stick Shuttle/flat Shuttle Kit. 4''6''8''10''12'' inches long.
Weaving Shuttles--6", 12" and 16"--Wood--Hand Carved--Hand Crafted
304 Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Screen Filter 4/5/8/10/14/16/20/30/100
4 pack Nalbinding needles sizes 3 and 6 inches, Made from oak wood
Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist with Orange Blossom & Citrus Extracts
1x Square Round Kumihimo Braiding Cord Disc EVA Foam DIY Braided Plate Tool Gift
New Weaving Loom Reed- 6,8,10, 12 or 15 dpi- 24.00" length ( or less)
Weaving Shuttle-One 16" OR One 20" Please Specify the Length-Wood-Hand Crafted
Medieval Ladies Weaving, Spinning & Combing, T-Shirt, All Sizes & Styles NWT
Sono stati trovati 2892 Articoli
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